5 Major Reasons WeChat is the Modern Era of Mobile Marketing

WeChat is prevalently deemed the mobile WhatsApp of China. For any company that desires to tap into the Chinese market, WeChat should be consideredas a primaryfocus of its mobile marketing strategy.

Regardless of still beingrelatively new platform, WeChat presently boasts 600 million users over 500 million of which are in China alone. When it involves social networking in China, WeChat is the unquestionablevictor.

WeChat fulfills many of the tasks of the world’s major social media platforms packaged into a convenient app that incorporates many aspects of daily convenience through features such as WeChat Pay QR code. By employingsubstantial resources, companies can roll out advertisingpromotions that applyvariousaspects of the user’s world.

Below are the leading WeChat features that businesses must considerimplementing immediately.

  1. ComprehensiveStructure

Although most apps are singular in purpose, WeChat has the utility to functionwith more than 85000 alternative apps. It has developed a corporate network, letting third-party businesses createsystems and services within WeChat thatgrows its market base much more.

  1. Standby Wallet

Using the WeChat Wallet lets users link their bank, debit and credit accountsas well as prepaid cards directly to their WeChat accounts that can establish both online and offline transactionsthrough the WeChat Pay QR Code function. This also lets users make procurementsconveniently and effortlesslydirectly from the app. This supportscompanies that marketusing the platform, byremoving the extra steps when seeing an advertisement and acquiring a sale.

  1. Gigantic Audience Base

With roughly around 500 million users in china alone and 100 million moreover the globe, WeChat carries on expanding at an astonishing rate. It is currentlyin the ideal range for impacting Chinese or Asian customers, and that quantity will only rise as the platform’s reputationkeep on growing.

  1. Spread Past Social

WeChat is not only a social media app, and is primarily considered as a lifestyle app instead. A user can still connect with friends, family and associatesor and may also use WeChat and its WeChat Pay QR Code aspect to book a taxi, pay utility bills, buy entertainment tickets, pay for a dinner outor invest in stock and shares. There’s practically no boundary to what a user can achieve without ever closing the app.

  1. Brand Promotion

In Addition to its strong suite of daily features such as WeChat Pay QR code, WeChat associates with promoters and advertisers to offercollaborativeoptions to its users. For example to use the current Shake feature, a user is only required to shake their phone. This then allows them to find someone close by who is also using the Shake feature andjoin ina productpromotion or network with a nearby business.

What Happens Next?

If you want your business to reach a wider audience and grow alarger customer base, there is no better method than WeChat. Beginemploying WeChat Pay QR code for your corporate to benefit from having a faster, more efficient, and user-friendly mobile payment solution. Get in-touch with a trusted WeChat Pay partner today to learn more.