Choosing the Right Estate Agent

When it comes to a quick and painless move, choosing the right estate agent is one of the best things that you can do. It’s been said that moving house is the third most stressful life event we typically go through as humans, with the first two being childbirth and divorce, respectively. That being said, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fortunately, while it is all a little complicated, you’ve got the internet to help you with everything to do with buying and selling properties. From paying off your mortgage early, to when to sell, there’s info on everything out there!

When it comes to dodging stress and anxiety, the best trick is always going to be research, no matter what you’re doing. Knowing the right estate agent for your move is crucial, and will help you get it all over with quicker and cheaper, even if they are a little more expensive.

            That’s the first point really, moving house is expensive. There’s always some new element to pay for, from removal guys, to various taxes, to the estate agent, and these simply are not things you can skimp on. I know the cheaper option is always going to seem more appealing, but whether it’s an estate agent, or a better mortgage deal, you’ll get what you pay for.

You don’t want to end up with an estate agent with little to no experience, or a mortgage rate that on the surface looks fantastic, but when you dig into the small print, it proves to be much poorer value overall.

These are real risks when it comes to going the cheap route, and unless you’re pretty experienced when it comes to buying and selling properties and moving house, it’s simply not worth it. Moving house requires preparation and planning, and you simply can’t do it on a shoestring budget. Plan, save and be ready and researched.

Benefits of Picking the Right Estate Agent

            The right estate agent will be able to simplify everything down, and accurately compare options. They’ll have great customer skills, and will be able to communicate well, while helping you get the house you want. They’ll secure you better deals, and get you in the best house you can afford, while having a roster of successfully sold houses to their name.

But you don’t want a slimy sales guy either, you want someone who understands you and what you’re going through, you don’t want slick, you want honest. That’s the ideal estate agent. They’ll make everything much less stressful, and see this typically anxious part of your life fly by. There are plenty of agents out there to choose from, so don’t worry about being picky either.

Now you know what you’re after in your estate agent, you can have a look at a couple, and make an informed decision. Don’t settle on the first one, be cool, reserved and choose the one with that perfect balance of credentials, skill and honesty.