Will The Housing Market Improve Or Worsen?

Is this really the best time to sell your home? What if the tax cuts going through Congress really jump-start the economy and housing values go up across the board? Or what if the tax overhaul turns into a disaster and we end up back in a recession? Even the smartest economists have a hard time predicting where the economy, jobs, housing and the rest are going. But, how about asking your local real estate agent?

Selling Your Home Or Buying One Is A Local Issue

We hear all the time that houses are selling for more or maybe for less but that is all yesterday’s news and does not necessarily apply to your town, your neighborhood and your house or the home that you would like to buy. When someone buys a home it comes down to how much they are offering and how much the buyer will accept. Working through the process of finding a home, making an offer and finally closing on a home is the business of your real estate agent. And it is his or her skill, experience and, frankly, wisdom that you need.

In any given neighborhood the rate of employment or unemployment may be far above or far below the national average. Maybe your neighborhood is full of retirees with pensions and social security. Their factory may have closed and or moved overseas but these folks have money in the bank, houses paid off and a steady pension income. This is the sort of thing that an established real estate agent knows like the back of his hand. All of the statistics quoted on the evening news may not really matter when it comes to local real estate sales. However, real estate markets are different and your realtor will have a good idea what is going on in another locale or can find out with a simple phone call or email to a colleague.

How Well Have You Maintained Your Home?

The housing market may go up or down but a gem or a home is still a good deal and will command a higher price in any market. If you have taken care of your house, maintained the yard, and kept the furnace and air conditioning in good repair over the years it will be evident to anyone who sees your home. A well-kept home requires a lot less touching up and fixing up before selling than a home that has suffered from a degree of neglect over the years. And your realtor can help you find a buyer who appreciates the work you have done to maintain your home as he or she will not need to move in and immediately need to make repairs!

 What Time Of The Year Is It?

People move in the spring and early summer. This especially applies to families with children who do not want to take the kids out of school partway through the school year. If you get your home ready to sell and put it on the market the first week of May you will be in the middle of a mini real estate boom that happens year after year after year.